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TAFF Shampoo Bar . THERAPY

Product image 1TAFF Shampoo Bar . THERAPY
Product image 2TAFF Shampoo Bar . THERAPY
Product image 3TAFF Shampoo Bar . THERAPY
Product image 4TAFF Shampoo Bar . THERAPY

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Do you know our pets have sensitive skins than humans?

TAFF Shampoo Bar is made natural ingredients including natural moisturizing oil to enhance their skins while removing the dirts. 

Put the soap in a soap foaming net included and rub to create bubbles first with little bit of water. Wet coat thoroughly with warm water. Then work shampoo bar from head to hindquarters. It will just remove the dirts while protecting our pets skins.

Enjoy the bath time now with now! Herbal scent.

Main Ingredients:

Tea tree, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Marigold, Bistort rhizome, Poncirus Fructus Immaturus, Lophotocarpus, Chelidonium majus

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